When was the last time you...

Felt excited on the way to home?
Forgot how time passed while you were at work?
Woke up with the magnificent view of the prince islands?
Felt yourself and your family completely secure?
Spared time for yourself, not for traffic?
Felt excited for a new day?
Pointed at your house?
Drinked your coffee with pleasure in your garden?
Felt yourself at the center of life?
Met your needs only by one phone?
Arrived to the airport within only 15 minutes?
Enjoyed sports swimming just beside you?
When was the last time you found all the answers in the same living area?


Pablo Picasso & Georges Braque

PEGA KARTAL, a project for a moment of silence to the two creators of Cubism which affects numerous architects, sculptors, painters, photographers and authors all over the world …

We had only one thing on our mind while designing PEGA KARTAL: to push the limits…

As we discovered the details of the project, we thought that such an extraordinary project should also create a difference by its architecture. Therefore, we wanted to add a 4th dimension contrary to ordinary. The primary objective in Cubism is to provide the object with a multi-dimensional perspective, because it is not mandatory to look through everything one-dimensional and everything to be in its proper place. We expressed the change that PEGA KARTAL has created by this new dimension we added…

While we made this privileged world in PEGA KARTAL visible to everyone, we turned our face to Prince Islands and Istanbul…


A new silhouette for Istanbul, a new pleasure in life…

Istanbul that has inspired numerous poems, songs, paintings through its thousands of years of history spead across two continents and which has conquered everyone’s heart is now experiencing a totally new change with PEGA KARTAL. A new and privileged life is created in Kartal which is one of the most important regions of the Anatolian Side, the oldest cultural and commercial center of the world developing each day…


A life of freedom for your family…

PEGA KARTAL which offers you residence alternatives of 1+1 up to 4+1 with roof gardens where large families could also comfortably live removes the limits of life and becomes the new symbol of family life in the world of residences.


Your point of connection to life PEGA KARTAL

PEGA KARTAL is very close to the metro station which is one of the fastest transportation options in the Anatolian Side, so you are inside the city at any time. Due to its closeness to E5, you can arrive to the city immediately and the distance to Sabiha Gökçen Airport is only 15 minutes…

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